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Dora Lewis


Hanna Malan

Hanna is a South African singer-songwriter and music producer currently living in Europe.

Originally from a farm in the rural Free State of South Africa, Hanna’s curiosity, sense of adventure and longing to travel the world led her to move to Copenhagen, Denmark in 2019.

Like the artist herself, her music finds itself between two worlds; deeply rooted in intimate acoustic soundscapes and infused with shimmering synthlines inspired by her Scandinavian surroundings.

Her latest Afrikaans single Alle Paaie features uplifting vocals layered over dazzling synths with a pop melody that fires you into a road trip daydream.

For most of her life, Hanna considered her passion for music and songwriting a private escape. When the global pandemic hit in early 2020, the sudden isolation brought about a shift in that she decided to start recording and releasing her music. Hanna is currently in the process of recording her debut EP.